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A Few Recipes

Here are some examples of gels for common problems. But don't let these limit you. Follow the principle of setting your goal  and letting your dog select the aromatics he wants, and you are sure to come up wi9th great combinations of your own.

One hint, when making potions, the final smell should make you go, "Aaah",  when you smell it. Even if the fragrance is not something you would wear on a date, the ingredients should blend harmoniously without any one smell dominating. Play around, have fun, be creative!

  • Disinfectant Wound Gel
    50 ml aloe vera
    5 drops helichrysum essential oil
    2 drops lavender essential oil
    3 drops yarrow essential oil
    20 ml thyme hydrosol (or as much as you need to thin the gel)
    Wash the wound with disinfectant hydrosol, such as tea tree or thyme. Then apply a dab of gel with a clean finger or cotton bud.
  • Scar reducing wound gel
    50 ml lavender hydrosol gel
    5 ml calendula
    3 drops helichrysum essential oil
    2 drops frankincense essential oil
    You can encourage healthy skin repair with this gel once the wound has started to heal. Apply once or twice a day to begin withy, or as your pet guides you.

  • Anti-inflammatory pain gel
    50 ml aloe vera gel
    5 ml hypericum oil
    7 drops plai
    5 drops juniper berry
    3 drops yarrow
    50ml peppermint hydrosol
    Apply as needed or when and where your dog guides you. My old girl would go and stand beside the shelf where I kept the bottle when she was feeling stiff and achy. 

For best results, trace and remove the underlying cause of the lickoma. It is not necessarily a skin problem. A dog may lick himself raw because of pain in the neck or spinal column. Or, digestive discomfort. Or stress. While you work to alleviate the cause, this gel will  help prevent secondary infection and speed healing of the sore.

  • 15 ml thyme hydrosol
    5 ml comfrey or calendula herbal oil
    2 drops Lavender essential oil
    1 drop helichrysum
    1 drop rosalina


Ear Wash

  • If your dog gets "gunky ears", stick to a grain free diet and reduce stress to strengthen the immune system. Don't use essential oils inside the ear.
    15 ml thyme hydrosol gel
    15 ml witch hazel hydrosol
     5 ml calendula herbal oil
    Mix together. Soak a cotton ball with gel, wipe out the ear thoroughly.

  • Dental Care
    The best way to prevent dental disease is to feed raw meaty bones appropriate to your dog's size. Feeding home-cooked or raw diets are also much less likely to create an unhealthy build up of periodontal bacteria. A raw fed dog is also unlikely to have bad breath. If you do need to brush your dog's teeth, don't use essential oils. The most effective and safe natural toothpaste is:
  • Tooth Powder
    30 grams bentonite clay
    5 grams green clay
    5 gms turmeric, or cinnamon powder (whichever your dog prefers, let him smell and decide)
    An optional 5 grams neem leaf powder, if your dog likes the smell
    5 gms basking soda
    A pinch of salt
    Dampen a toothbrush or finger and rub the powder into the gums, et voila!
  • Tooth Clay
    For cases of serious dental decay you can use a clay mask.
    15 gms green French clay
    15 gms witch-hazel or tea tree hydrosol (or as needed)
    10ml coconut oil (soften if necessary)
    Combine all ingredients, mixing well until they are a soft paste. Smear liberally on gums.

Odor Control

I am often asked for " dog perfume". No, not a fragrance to make you smell of dog- although your furry friend would probably prefer that - something to make dogs smell less doggy and more like us.
An unpleasant doggy smell is usually the result of a stressful lifestyle. "Dog breath" is a direct result of what you feed them. Healthy dogs smell good.

The first step to an odor free dog is feeding fresh whole food and keeping stresses to a minimum . Using essential oils to keep them healthy, and making your own flea gels, also improve the smell. 

But if your dog must got "skunked", or rolled into something stinky, wash well with a natural olive or neem oil bar soap and then use hydrosol as a rinse or spray. But let your dog choose the hydrosol he prefers.

As a rule, the sweeter hydrosols, such as geranium, mask smell best. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to help neutralize odors. 

Reference: The Aromatic Dog: Nayana Morag 

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