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Essential Oil Application & Safety For Cats

People have been using essential oils for their many beneficial effects and therapeutic properties. They can also be called ethereal oils or volatile oils. These oils are basically extracted from various plants and contain their fragrance or "essence". In addition to this, essential oils contain very potent compounds that are responsible for their therapeutic/ medicinal benefits. For humans, we can apply them aromatically, topically, externally, and even internally as cooking or baking ingredients.

Essential oils affect people and other living things in a cognitive, psychological, and physiological level. While it is not recommended as an alternative medicine  by modern science, essential oils are shown to have several benefits such as the following.

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
    Promoting Better Sleep and Moods
    Reducing Inflammation
    Fighting Harmful Oxidative Processes
    Preventing Infections

Uses Of Essential Oils For Cats

There are many specific uses of essential oils for cats. Throughout these pages you will learn what specific oils to use for calming or relaxing your cat, eliminating fleas or ticks, keeping their skin healthy, and general care for their delicate ears and noses. There are also some oil recipes you can use for deodorizing your cat's surroundings and repelling insects. Most cat owners who use essential oils on their pets usually use it themselves. As animal lovers, people want to share as much positive experiences as they can with their companions. Not only are certain essential oils beneficial for you and your pet's health, they can also make your petting life and your relationship more enriching.

But just like how it is used on humans, safety and proper information when it comes to using essential oils should be the first thing in your mind. 

Reference: Essential Oils For Cats: The Blokehead

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