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How To Use Aromatic Extracts To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Aromatics reduce stress and increase immune response, so are the perfect way to keep dogs healthy. I offer them to all my animals on a regular basis. If I feel one of my fur friends, is not quite as vital as usual, I let them sniff through my collection of oils and select one hat they want. I also do this when they are exposed to stressors, such as a change in routine or family composition.

Once they have selected their essential oil and carrier oil I dilute 1 drop of essential oil to 5ml/1 tsp carrier and offer again.

Usually, they will have a small sniff, perhaps a little lick, and very quickly be back to their usual bouncy selves. Using this system regularly helps keep my dogs healthy and stop illness developing.

Reference: The Aromatic Dog: Nayana Morag

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