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Cats not only make good pets, they can also help our health. Studies by Dr. Erika Friedmann and other have shown that stroking a cat has a calming effect on the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. People who have had a heart attack lengthen their chances of survival if they own a pet. And cats love the attention too.

But no matter how much we love our cats, they can be aggravating, to say the least, when they ruin the furniture with their scratching. Cats which do this are working towards shedding their nails and making way for the new ones, and also adding their scent to yours.

To prevent this, make a scratching post from an old piece of wood and put essential oil on valerian on it. The oil of valerian sends cats into the height of ecstasy, as does the root of the valerian plant. Cats adore catmint too, and if you have a patch of it in your garden they will roll in it with great pleasure.

Treat arthritis and fleas in cats in the same way as described for dogs. Cats often get abscesses, usually as a result of a hectic night on the tiles. To treat an abscess put neat tea tree essential oil on to it to bring it to a head. As the cat licks the fur it will ingest the oil which will also help to clear the abscess up. After it has burst and all the pus has been discharged , apply lavender oil to speed up the healing.

cats suffer from coughs and bronchitis and these can be treated in much the same way as you would humans, massaging along the back and on the chest with 4 drops of eucalyptus oil once a day until it clears.

Canker of the ear is another problem that cats encounter, one form of which is eczematous, and the other due to a parasite. The scratching can cause a sore and infection can set in. The ear will feel hot and there could be a discharge of wax. Try to clean the ear if possible. To prevent a sore from forming from the scratching, warm a teaspoon of olive oil to which you have added  1 drop each of chamomile and lavender essential oils, insert a small amount into the ear, and also rub it around the ear. Canker is contagious and must be treated.

For any kind of bacterial or viral infection turn to the bacteria Busters, and use these oils on the chest, back and neck of the cat, as you would for a child.

Cats will eat grass to induce the vomiting they need to bring up hair that collects in them as a result of their constant grooming. If your cat is off its food , a hair-ball could well be the problem. A dessertspoon of olive oil in its food will help it until the hair-ball is passed or vomited.

To prevent a build up of hair, add a small amount of olive oil to your cat's food on a fairly regular basis.

Mange is contagious and all the bedding should be treated or thrown out. Cover the cat as much as is possible in water to which 3 drops each of lavender and tea tree have been added. Chamomile essential oil could be used as well. Although the cat may not be too happy about the idea, try to coat the whole of its skin in this solution.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: V.A. Worwood

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