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Essential oils are volatile, meaning they disperse easily into the air. An easy and natural way to use them is to diffuse them. Do this in an area where your dog can choose to hang out or leave. You can use an electric diffuser, an aromatherapy stone, or just put a drop or two of essential oil on a tissue and leave it in a warm spot, out of your dog's reach. you can also put a few drops of hydrosol in a dish of water for a similar gentle effect.

Diffusing is particularly useful if you want to limit the spread of viruses, such as in a kernel or rescue shelter. Eucalyptus radiata and bergamot (Citrus bergamia) work well together for this. But many essential oils are immune stimulant, respiratory disinfectant and/or limit airborne bacteria, so you are spoilt for choice.

You can also diffuse essential oils in group situations such as dog training classes, where you might want to encourage calmness of focus. You can allow dogs to be as close to or far from the diffuser as suits them.

You can put frankincense in a burner or diffuser to help dogs who are scared of fireworks or thunder. 

Allow your dog freedom or movement when diffusing. Do not shut him up in the room, he still needs to be able to choose to interact.

  • Diffusion works well for:
    Fears and phobias, such as fireworks
    Separation anxiety and other mental stress
    Preventing airborne bacteria and the spread of disease
    Inter-pack tension

Reference: The Aromatic Dog: Nayana Morag

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