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Besides the improved good health of your pets, there are additional advantages to be gained by using nature's essential oils in their care. 

Essential oils aren't expensive and you can often use an oil you happen to have in the house already - thus saving on veterinary charges and commercial pet-care products. 

And pets provide living proof that the effectiveness of the essential oils isn't due to supposed psychological factors.




Birds are extremely social, intelligent, and emotionally sensitive. Being that some birds have been proven to score as high on IQ tests as primates and small children, it's no wonder that they have a reputation for being demanding of their owners' attention.

It's important for all bird owners to understand that it is their responsibility to provide for their pets' mental and emotional needs, in addition to the physical. 


Just Cats

Cats not only make good pets, they can also help, our health Studies by Dr. Erika Friedmann and others have shown that stroking a cat has a calming effect on the nervous system and lowers blood pressure.

People who have had a heart attack lengthen their chances of survival if they own a pet. And cats love the attention too.

But no matter how much we love cats, they can be aggravating, to say the least. When they ruin the furniture with their scratching.


Best Socializing Methods



“My dog’s always been pretty shy,” the client reports. “But just recently, she’s begun to growl at people who try to pet her. Then yesterday she lunged and snapped at some random guy on the street.” More often than not, this dog turns out to be an adolescent or young adult whose early socialization was now here. 

The revenue stream from under-socialized dogs is one that I would really, really like to lose. This week’s article is on socialization--the dead easy, dirt cheap, and essential route to a behaviorally healthy dog.


What Is Puppy Socialization?

Here’s the deal with socialization. During what’s called the “sensitive period” of very early life, puppies learn about what’s normal in the world. They’re not immune to fear or even trauma, but in general they accept whatever they have a pleasant encounter with. It’s almost as if they develop a catalog of sights, sounds, smells, and experiences that fall under the heading of “safe.” As a special bonus, if the range of pleasant early experiences is wide and varied, the puppy also seems to learn that “new” does not necessarily mean “scary.”

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