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Angelica Root - Essential Oil Profiles

Angelica Root ( Angelica Archangelica)

History & Character
Angelica is a large graceful plant that can grow to a height of 2 meters/6ft. The whole plant exudes the energetic depth and reach, which mirror's angelica's healing power. Its roots go deep into the earth and strong tall stem - "reaching to the heavens"-supports a large white/green umbrella -like flower. The flower can be seen as a protective, as well as open and receptive.

Angelica root oil has been traditionally used to protect against "the Plague", for nervous hysteria, as a general tonic, for "fortifying the spirit", and for female disorders. it strengthens the liver and steadies the heart. Angelica opens us to healing, reconnects us to our inner innocence and is said to "connect us to the angels". Angelica is innocent and strong at the same time and is very effective where fears or compulsive behaviour have been triggered by a traumatic incident when very young.

Arthritis-Chronic bronchial disorders-Circulatory problems-Cushing's syndrome and other metabolic disorders-Dogs who have shut down due to chronic pain and stress-Immune stimulant, especially for those run down by a long term illness-Liver dysfunction-Loss of appetite, including anorexia- Lymphatic problems-Stress related digestive disorders.

Chronic anxiety-Fears born out of early childhood traumas-Strengthens the nerves, especially where there is hysteria brought on by nervous exhaustion.


Fear of compulsive behavior especially after one or more traumatic incidents in early life. Old dogs who are emotionally hardened or have chronic pain. If dogs show no interest in any of the other oils offered.


Steam distilled from roots. The oil is a colorless liquid, which becomes slightly golden brown as it matures.

Sweet, sharp, pungent, with earthy undertones.

Antifungal, antispasmodic, antitoxic, antibacterial, carminative, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, general tonic, neurotonic.

Non-toxic, non -irritant. Angelica root oil can be phototoxic when applied undiluted to the skin. Avoid exposure to sun for 12 hours after application. Avoid use with diabetes.

2 drops in 5ml/1 tsp.

Reference: The Aromatic Dog-a practical Guide: Nayana Morag

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