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BERGAMOT Essential Oil Profile - Aromapets

History and Character
Named for the city of Bergamo in northern Italy (Lombardy), this small tree (3.% meters/12 ft. tall) resembles a miniature orange. Traditionally, it has been used for fever and worms. It is said to kill airborne bacteria and was used to stop the spread of infection in hospitals. One of the main qualities of bergamot is its balancing effect.

This is particularly useful when things are out of control, as in growths, tumors and, on an emotional level, moods that swing between extremes. Bergamot's sharp, sweet smell is uplifting and clean , cutting through stagnant energies to release pent up emotions. It has a profound antidepressant effect, especially for those who turn anger and frustration in on themselves, as in  self mutilation or obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Principal Uses

Physical: Brings bio-system into balance - Gentio-urinary tract infections - Post parturition - Ringworm - Tumors, warts, growth of all kinds - Viral infection

Behavioral: Depression - Frustrated Irritability - Snappiness

I Most Often use bergamot For: Warts, growths and tumors, especially if the dog is snappy, intolorant or withdrawn.
Changeable, moody individuals with unpredictable temperament.

Extraction and Characteristics

Cold-pressed from the skin of the fruit. The oil is a clear green color.

Fragrance: A fresh citrus aroma, with a slightly green edge.

Actions: Antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, vermifuge.

Safety & Cautions
Whole bergamot oil is phototoxic, so should not be applied to exposed skin up to 12 hours before exposure to ultra violet. Otherwise it is non-toxic and relatively non-irritant. While it is possible to buy bergapten-free bergamot, I never use it. Because when given the choice dogs consistently choose the whole oil over the altered one.

Maximum dilution: 3 drops in 5ml/1 tsp.

Reference: The Aromatic Dog: Nayana Morag

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