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Dog owner's leg mangled after being attacked by two mastiffs

Awoman was attacked by dogs which left her leg looking like it had been mangled by a hedge cutter. Sarah Blaylock, 56, was out walking her dog when she was attacked.

She has said the two mastiffs are still on the loose. Police were called and the dogs are still roaming the area. Warning graphic content of the injury below.

Sarah, who says she was lucky, hopes the appeal will help others avoid what she went through. She said: "It’s ruined our summer but it could have been so much worse, WalesOnline.

Explaining what happened, Sarah said: “It all happened so quickly. I imagine the woman screamed because the dogs had got loose and were running at me.

"Later, the police told me I shouldn’t have run, but that was my instinct, and looking back now, I wish I hadn’t. The dogs seemed to circle us. I stopped running when I saw one had pinned Wilf on his back. I hadn’t realised but the other had gone behind me. It attacked me but I can’t actually remember being bitten.

“A centimetre or two to the left, or a little bit deeper, and the dog could have hit an artery and I would have bled out. I just hope the police are able to find the dogs and their owners. You hear that once a dog has a taste of blood, they will do it again, and I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer like I did.”

NWP Wrexham Rural police team said: “The dogs were with a male and female. The female is described as about 5ft 5ins with brown hair tied back, and the male is described as a similar height with dark hair.

"The pair walked off with the dogs before the male returned and picked up a pink phone.” Anyone who can help the investigation is being urged to contact the police via 101 or via the NWP live webchat facility. The crime reference number is 22000533629. 

Reference: Leicestshire Live: Tom Kershaw

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