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Is your cat bored? Our top 10 tips to keep your furry friend amused at home

Slide 1 of 11:            Is your cat bored when they are at home alone? Many indoor cats, while being kept safe from the dangers of the outside world, miss the distractions that the outside world can offer. They need to be given access to enrichment alternatives like the cat toys, cat scratching posts and cat puzzle feeders to keep them entertained.                                        Indoor cats only get stimulation from what's in their home, so it's important that you provide them with enough activities and distractions as possible. Not only will it give your feline friend the stimulation they crave to stop them getting depressed and anxious, it will also save your furniture from potentially destructive behavior.                                        These kinds of behavioral problems in indoor cats were highlighted in a 2017 study from the University of Copenhagen, so while confinement indoors will generally mean they live longer and protect them from feline diseases, you need to ensure their mental health doesn't suffer in the process.                                        To help you ensure your cat is kept active and happy, we've put together a list of 10 recommended practices to ensure you cat has everything they need to prevent kitty fatigue. It's not just a case of providing them with the best toys for indoor cats – although these really help! – there are a multitude of ways to ensure your cat lives a life of plentiful distraction within your home. Let's dive straight in...

Reference: Pets Radar: Steve Wright  

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