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Incredibly rare albino squirrel found in London

This is the heartwarming moment that a househoulder in London fed an incredibly rare albino squirrel. 

Squirrels have about a one in 100,000 chance of being born albinism. As well as the white hair and white skin, albino squirrels have red eyes. They also suffer from vision problems.

Ordinarily, squirrels remain with their mothers until they reach about four months old before making their own way into the wild.

The remarkable footage was filmed in Sutton, south London on December 8.  

The squirrel, despite being wild, was comfortable enough to take seeds from the man's hand.  

The albino squirrels suffer from a lack of melanin, which leaves them with white fur and red eyes. 

As a result of their albinism, the squirrels have worse eyesight and are easier to track by predators. 

In November, Richard Waugh, 51, was thrilled when he spotted the incredibly rare squirrel scampering around outside his flat in Edinburgh.

In June, Muntaqa Dar, 27, came across the completely white animal on a walk with his wife Amreen, 24, and one-year-old son Abdullah in Carshalton, London. 

In April, an albino squirrel known as Snow White was seen in Faversham, Kent. The white squirrel has been visiting one home since March 2019. 

Reference: Daily Mail: Darren Boyle for MailOnline  

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